Re: Good sniffer software

From: *Vanguard* (no-email_at_reply-to-newsgroup.invalid)
Date: 05/16/04

Date: Sat, 15 May 2004 19:10:39 -0500

Zorpetus said in
> Could somebody recommend me some good
> network "sniffer" software that could be used
> to intercept data on the LAN where I am sysadm.
> I would like to test security of our corporate
> LAN (some 300 workstations, 25 servers)
> which is entirely based on HP Procurve
> switches (so, therefore there is no single
> broadcast Ethernet domain). In short, I would
> like to see if it is still possible that someone
> installs some network equipment (PC+software)
> and "sniff" data on the network.
> Any pointer to software that could be used
> for testing or any other related URL is
> more than welcome.

Ethereal ( had been suggested to me when I
asked about monitoring my traffic. Never got around to trying it,

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