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Date: 05/10/04

Date: Mon, 10 May 2004 01:51:42 -0400

In article <>, says...
> Hello,
> I am sure I am not the first person to encounter this problem. I hope
> somebody can point me in the right direction to a solution for it.
> I am a fairly low tech computer user. Over time I have accumulated a
> rather large collection of accounts and passwords.
> Some of them are for unimportant things like a on line forum I am a
> member of. Some of them allow access to my bank account or the like.
> I have a half decent system for keeping passwords that relies mostly
> on my own memory. But it regularly falls down on things I dont access
> for a long time. I am aware of other methods like:
> writing them down on a piece of paper that I hide.
> keeping a list in a computer file that I encrypt.
> using the same password for lots of things.
> allowing my browser to remember the passwords for me.
> getting a password management program.
> I am willing to spend some, but not a massive amount of time on
> managing these passwords. I think that there are probably people out
> there who are capable of getting my passwords whatever I do. I'd like
> to get some advice from the experts here on what is a good way to look
> after my passwords.
> I am leaning towards getting a password manager program. Is that too
> much of an all your eggs in one basket approach?
> Cheers,
> david

PGP is your friend.

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