Re: How secure is your Windows Computer?

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Date: 05/06/04

Date: Thu, 06 May 2004 06:21:18 GMT

Leythos wrote:

>In article <>,
> says...
>>Let's all go to our C:Windows Directory after we have made all of our
>>files in this directory visible. Tell the group the names of the
>>Folders and Files which show as a light color and let's discuss this.
>> Dangerous code is always discovered in this directory and but you
>>need to enable the Windows Features to (view or show) all Hidden
>>Let's see how secure your computer actually really is!
>Tracker, go back to hamsters. The OS resides in the Windows or WINNT
>folder and since you know nothing about Windows or any other OS, how do
>you expect anyone to believe you. There is nothing dangerous in the
>Windows or WINNT folders, it's the dang operating system root folder!
A word of advice from a Hampster - I belong to a Brotherhood of animals
called hampsters. You humans are a real bunch of garbage. Mean, cruel,
selfish and hateful. Thinking youíre better than the rest of your kind.
Us hampsters live, multiple and raise are young to live together and
enjoy what we have. Maybe not much, but we are well cared for by our
owner with a clean house, food and water. You humanís should take an
example of how little it takes to make us happy and do the same in your
environment. You would all be more happy and enjoy one another. A word
from a wise hampster "life is too short to live with all your thoughts
and hatred for each other".

How much proof do you need for some of you beginners to understand my
words? I'll show you what files were discovered in the Windows directory
which were hidden, but what these files did is none of your concern.