Re: How secure is your Windows Computer?

From: FromTheRafters (!0000_at_nomad.fake)
Date: 05/03/04

Date: Mon, 3 May 2004 10:55:33 -0400

"Mike" <> wrote in message news:c75c9e$383$
> "mailbox" <> wrote in message
> > Let's all go to our C:Windows Directory after we have made all of our
> > files in this directory visible. Tell the group the names of the
> > Folders and Files which show as a light color and let's discuss this.
> > Dangerous code is always discovered in this directory and but you
> > need to enable the Windows Features to (view or show) all Hidden
> > Files.
> >
> > Let's see how secure your computer actually really is!
> I don't have a c:\windows directory!

She said "C:Windows" not "C:\Windows"

> I have a C:\WINNT. Is that any good?

Well, if that all ya got - it'll *have* to do I guess. :O)

> When I try to view files in that directory it says my Administrator won't
> allow me. Have I been hacked?

Obviously, if you are not *allowed* to do things. It sounds
like someone called the "Administrator" owns yer box.

> My other computer has \root \etc \var but no C:?

Weird, you really should get that fixed. :0\

> I tried creating a \Windows
> directory but it said I didn't have permission.

On *either* computer!?

You are *soooo oownnned* dude.

I have Win98 and *never* have had to ask for permission to
do stuff. Maybe you should upgrade to Win98?

> Please help me.........

Sorry, but you must ask the "Administrator" for permission
to plead for help in usenet.

...or get special dispensation from Fluffy.