Re: BS7799 info needed

From: mike (
Date: 04/05/04

Date: 5 Apr 2004 04:30:43 -0700

Ford Prefect <restaurant@end.universe> wrote in message news:<4070DA4E.7010804@end.universe>...
> Dave wrote:
> > On Thu, 01 Apr 2004 21:44:56 GMT, Ford Prefect
> > <restaurant@end.universe> wrote:
> >
> >
> >>C Colon wrote:
> >>
> >>>Dave <> wrote in message news:<>...
> >>>
> >>>
> >>>>I've got an interview coming up and need to learn something about this
> >>>>standard pretty quick, or at least enough to sound reasonably
> >>>>knowledgeable ;-) Trouble is it's "just $995" to buy - does anyone
> >>>>know a good resource where I can get some info for free.
> >>>>
> >>>>thanks in advance
> >>>
> >>>The SANS reading room had some stuff on BS7799 last I checked. You
> >>>could check the same too. Too lazy to hunt around and post the URL,
> >>>but it would probably be easy to find. Also, it is probably only for
> >>>registered users of SANS, i forget...
> >>>
> >>>Regards
> >>>C:\>
> >>>------------------------------------
> >>>Kindly post replies to the newsgroup
> >>>only
> >>
> >>why would you encourage this person to misrepresent their knowledge
> >>levels by providing such information?
> >
> >
> >
> > Eh? how does wanting to learn something involve misrepresentation? I
> > was simply looking for a good resource, And if your problem is with my
> > motives for learing 7799 then ask yourself why anyone would want to
> > learn it if not for professional advancement..
> >
> Read his original post, dim wit. He's already been granted the
> interview on the pretense he knows the material and now has to learn
> something about the topic he said he knew so he doesn't look like the
> liar he is.

He says nothing of the sort, he says he has an interview and wants to
learn something about it. Sounds like good preparation to me. And
anyway it's not for you to judge is it, if he wants to learn it who
are you to accuse him of lying?

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