WinXP SP2 beta ... bleh!

From: johns (
Date: 04/02/04

Date: Fri, 2 Apr 2004 11:23:13 -0800

The best thing about my computer is PowerQuest
DriveImage2002. No two ways about it !!!!!!!!!!!
I got crazy today and decided to try XPSP2 beta.
It is truly a pig. The stupidest error of all was that
the Error Reporting Icon gave errors, and would
not work until I enabled my .net account with MS
.... thereby exposing my system to "messenger"
poop and subscription sites. Javascript was gone.
No amount of clicking on boxes would give it back,
and there are legit uses for javascript. I run PopUp
Stopper, and it keeps javascript turned off unless
I enable it with the <shift> key. Simple and useful.
Several things I tried seemed to activate a "Backup
or Restore" program ... out of nowhere. I canceled
it twice. I run f-secure. SP2 can't detect that I'm
running f-secure, so it nagged me constantly to purchase
an anti-virus program ??? Stupid. Most irritating of
all was that my P4 / 800fsb system seemed to run
much slower. Noticably slower !!!! Screw that. Not
so bothersome was the restart screen came up in
640 x 480 minimum mode. Looks like crap. Why?
That many errors in 30 minutes was just enough.
I started DriveImage, and restored my system fully
intact, and back up to a good performance level
that I expect of XP Pro ... took about 20 minutes,
and I'm happy again. However, I'm not kidding
when I say, I dread the coming upgrade to SP2, and
it will be automatic no doubt. Seems Microsofts idea
of network security is to cripple WinXP.


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