Re: IP Masking

From: kulm_nd (
Date: 03/31/04

Date: Wed, 31 Mar 2004 12:33:50 GMT

I doubt masking your IP will have anything to do with stopping spam. Not
using your real e-mail address or munging it helps, spam filtering helps and
using a username that is unusual and includes a - or _ or any other
allowable symbol helps.

Hiding your IP helps keep the internal network from being hacked but a good
software firewall does a very good job for a single computer.

"RedRider" <> wrote in message
> I was reading in this group and found a link to a program (trial) for an
> masker or sending my connection through another server so that my IP
> showing?  I do not remember the name. I found that it seemed to work
> well in cutting down the amount of crap coming in my email box.
> Are these programs worth the cost as far a security goes or should one
> invest in a NAT router?
> I am not looking to hide myself from the world, or maybe I am, since the
> world is always looking for me, but I just want the privacy of not being
> spammed and unsolicited emails and the like.
> Your thoughts and suggestions please.