Re: Abtrusion - Anyone use this?

From: Kerodo (
Date: 03/26/04

Date: Fri, 26 Mar 2004 03:59:04 GMT

"*Vanguard*" <no-email@post-reply-in-newsgroup.invalid> wrote in

> "Kerodo" said in news:Xns94B7BCA2A7D39kerodokenny@
>> Looks very interesting. I would think that your software firewall
>> would do at least partially the same thing though, but maybe this
>> program does a much better job? I think I'll try it out and see how
>> it goes...
> A firewall will only detect or block processes that attempt to make a
> connection past it. It does nothing to keep rogue programs from
> running on your computer, like formatting your disk, deleting registry
> entries, deleting files, spying, redirecting you to a different site
> (which is done BEFORE the connection is made), and so on. Firewalls
> are handy in managing who gets to connect in and out, not specially
> what runs on your system.
> What intrigues me is the claim that a computer thus protected (with
> Abtrusion or System Safety Net, or whatever the other one is called)
> is [more] immune against viral infection simply because the infected
> file won't be allowed to run. It's somewhat the same tact taken by
> SpywareBlaster: it doesn't stop the crap from getting onto your system
> but it prevents it from executing.

Yep, I realized this about the firewall after I posted.. I think I might
try out that other program, SSM, that the other person mentioned too. It
looks similar, but with some different features. Warning though... their
web site is outrageously slow. Took 10 or 15 minutes to download a small
file and I have a cable connection.

Abtrusion looks good, but I'm wondering if it might not be more annoying
than it's worth after a while. I'm always downloading updates to programs,
on a daily basis sometimes as I'm installing the nightly Mozilla and
Firefox updates constantly. So it might become annoying when Abtrusion
stops me all the time to verify a new program.

Another thing that might be annoying is if it significantly increases the
load time of apps. I'm only running on a 1 gig processor here, so
increasing the load time of apps would be slighly irritating.

But I think I'll try them both anyway. What the heck...


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