Re: Is this a new trend?

From: johns (
Date: 03/17/04

Date: Tue, 16 Mar 2004 15:59:16 -0800

> Is this a new trend or is it just my imagination?

No. It is the same old same old. We started pulling anybody
without AV off the network. However, AV did nothing for
scumware like Bargain Buddy and the rest of those stinking
commercial trojans. Spybot and AdAware did virtually nothing
either. Problem is everybody is waiting for some invisible
caretaker to take care of them while they do anything they
want on a computer. So .. and I think you will appreciate
this, we have two kinds of networks we are trying. One is
restricted to the local domain PERIOD! We don't even
try to debate it with the yowlers. Another is we defeat all
browsers except one ( gpedit ), and then that one accesses
a web "allow list" that we have checked out, and is in line
with the rules of how we want that computer used. I am
the only one with access to that setup ( again gpedit ). I
have also shut down the "messenger" programs. And we
run f-secure that is updated constantly from an f-secure
server. F-secure is far better than Norton .. as we have
tested over and over ... in both updates, and not dragging
down the computers performance. Norton is seriously
bad that way. In a short time, we are adding f-secure
firewall, and a "list" of known offender sites that will build
over time. Still, I have to go through the labs, etc and
do MS updates constantly since it doesn't work except
for administrator logins ... every couple weeks. F-secure
seems to catch all the junk on cds and zips. Limited
browsing seems to have stopped Bargain Buddy, etc.
The only thing now is email. I run Postini at home. Postini
has caught 100% of all spam of every form, and 100%
of all viruses. It costs me $18 per year to pipe my email
to Postini. They are good! I also run McAffee at home.
It has been updating regularly, and is really good at seeing
some of the web-based hijackers that I use to have trouble
with. Postini also runs McAffee .. so I am running it twice.
Right now, I think the best approach to network security is
RESTRICTED network access to proven sites .. NO dot
coms at all !!!!!!!!! That stops the goons from getting valid
email addresses, and greatly cuts the spam. And, at home,
Postini is getting the job done on email spam and viruses.