DSL and Norton Firewall problem

From: Tom A. (cor_gis2_at_hotmail.com)
Date: 03/08/04

Date: Mon, 08 Mar 2004 12:49:14 GMT

I have a few issues that I hope someone can help with... Symantec online
support has been worthless even though I've spent hours uninstalling and
reinstalling products per their instructions. I am using System Works 2004
on an XP laptop and a Win 98 Se desktop. I have Norton Personal Firewall
2003 on the desktop and the standard XP firewall on the laptop. My first
issue is that with both computers when I run the online security scan at
both Symantec's web site and at Shields up I obtain different results from a
dialup connection and a DSL connection. On both machines with DSL the
scans show only closed ports but with dialup I get full stealth readings.
This strikes me as highly unusual. I've called Sprint, my DSL provider, and
get different answers from different people... Some can't explain it at all,
one said that the scans are reading Sprint's firewall rather than mine on
DSL, and even another said that Sprint doesn't use a firewall. This has
left me concerned, to say the least.

The second issue is with the 2003 Norton firewall which seems only
partially functional and is having problems. It seems to come up normally
at startup but if I open the firewall the following script error pops up:
"Line: 185, Char: 2, Error: Interface not registered, Code: 0, Url:
Res://NISPLUG.DLL/10036". When I clear the script error Privacy Control and
Ad Blocking are off and there is no way to turn them on. I have been living
with this problem for about 2 months now and am almost ready to toss the
Norton firewall out. When it worked properly I used to receive periodic
alerts of blocked attacks... Now I receive none. When I ran the Norton
Security scan on dialup, I got an alert and the stats showed a number of
intrusion attempts. On DSL nothing. This problem, of course is on the Win
98 desktop.

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