Re: Is PPPoE account usable (roaming) everywhere?

From: Colonel Flagg (
Date: 03/05/04

Date: Fri, 5 Mar 2004 03:17:42 -0500

In article <c29c64$>, ThinkingWalker@not- says...
> Just wonder if pppoe account can be used if I travel to other countries
> at which there's also an adsl line connection. For example, if my relatives
> at oversea have an adsl connection, can I still use my own pppoe account
> at his place instead of using his account. I ask this because I found
> that I could use my own pppoe account to logon at my friend's place (in
> the same city), but he's using another isp that is different from my isp.
> Thanks for any idea.

hmmm, I would have thought it would be restricted per-ISP. could your
friends connection be colocated, meaning either your ISP buys from his
or his buys from yours and either resells as their own?

i seriously doubt you could do it overseas, unless of course there's a
colo deal there also, which i doubt.

Colonel Flagg
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