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Date: 03/05/04

Date: Fri, 05 Mar 2004 00:02:10 GMT

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| > I have used agent to read multiple news servers for a long time
| > (I cheat by using hamster as a local news server).
| The instructions at
| still makes it evident that Agent has a problem handling multiple news
| servers in forcing the user to manually create subdirectories to
| separate the records for each news server along with editing and
| maintaining separate copies of agent.ini, one for each news server.
| This FAQ item doesn't state that it only applies to prior versions of
| Forte. Users shouldn't have to be manually creating subdirectories and
| making copies of an INI file to get the client to support multiple
| servers.

>From <>

"Agent 2.1
Status: Development ETA: Q2-2004
Multiple News Servers

Agent 2.1 will support multiple news servers within a single instance of Agent. You can access
multiple Usenet servers including free servers from your ISP or premium news servers such as Agent
Premium Newsgroups. In addition, you can access private news servers that are independent of the
public Usenet. Private servers are hosted by corporations and other organizations to provide product
support and organization-related discussion groups."

So it could be "real soon now" :)

| Are you using Hamster to provide newsgroups to other users, or is there
| some advantage in running your own local news server despite all the
| hardware resources needed for it?

I like agent and prefer to have all my news groups visible in one instance.

Hamster allows me to do this.

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David Postill

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