Re: handling .wav files with mySQL

From: Ant (
Date: 03/04/04

Date: Thu, 4 Mar 2004 02:18:24 -0000

"Mimic" wrote...
> "David H. Lipman" wrote...

>> If you post to UseNet with your TRUE, not a munged, email address
>> then you have invited the Swen Internet worm [aka; W32/Gibe-F] to
>> visit you.
>> The Swen is news spelled backwards. The reason it is called this
>> is because the Swen worm harvests email addresses from UseNet News
>> Groups. It has an engine that allows it to post itself to UseNet
>> News Groups as well as it has its own email engine. From the list
>> of email addresses that it has harvested, it will then email itself
>> to those addresses.

> tracker ? is that you? it must be,

No, it's David (don't mention the top-post) Lipman. Tracker doesn't
do that.

> becase youre full of shit and dont have a clue what you are
> talking about.

So what's your analysis of Gibe-F then?

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