Re: Opt-Out option for crap mail?

From: Anthony Brant (
Date: 03/02/04

Date: Mon, 1 Mar 2004 22:56:18 -0600

It will never go away. The only solution is to get spam filtering. I
recommend SpamAssassin - easy, free, and customizable.

Everyone has e-mail addresses with "REMOVE" in them to prevent spam, but I
could care less if it comes because it usually never reaches me.

"Itz Just Me" <> wrote in message
> I am getting more and more of unsolicted crap in my mail box. One item
> had an option of getting removed from the list. I hit the link and it
> took me to a screen that had OPT-IN highlighted as the default choice.
> While it has "Opt Out" as an option, the ENTER button says "Register
> Now!" I don't want to get caught up in any word games that bring even
> more crap into my box.
> Is there ANY way of really dealing with this situation?