Re: XP vulnerabilities?

From: Frank le Spikkin (
Date: 02/21/04

Date: 21 Feb 2004 17:33:59 GMT

Gladys Pump <noway.jose@jose.noway.zap> wrote in

> I have a Linksys BEFSR41 router which is great IMO. I noticed
> earlier on that a poster was concerned about making sure no one
> could log into a router remotely.
> To (hopefully) remedy this on my router, I've port-forwarded
> port 80 to a non-existant internal address. AFAIK, this is
> effectively 'stealthing' the port. Did I need to do this ?

No, it is configurable for a BEFSR41 router:
Logon to your router
Click Advanced - Filters
Scroll down and click:
            Block Inbound Requests - Enable
            Remote Management - Disable
            Remote Upgrade - Disable
Click Apply