Re: Recommendation withdrawn for Symantec products

From: Someone Else (
Date: 02/20/04

Date: Fri, 20 Feb 2004 07:48:05 GMT

Uncle StoatWarbler wrote:

> On Thu, 19 Feb 2004 22:32:25 +0000, Bill Levinson wrote:
>>I have been a strong advocate of Norton Internet Security but I can no
>>longer recommend this product due to (1) problems updating my virus
>>subscription and (2) problems with technical support.
> Bill: Try out F-prot (
> $20/year for 5 machines at home and the updates don't stop working at the
> end fo the year, you just lose access to being able to download the latest
> version of the software.
> Frisk has been around a long time (pretty much invented heuristic
> scanning) and concentrates on writing AV software, not marketing it.

100% endorsement for f-prot. Absolutely the best record I've
heard of. But, you should get the DOS version:

1) Works from the DOS prompt. E.g., if you can't even get
windows to come up, you can still boot in pure DOS mode. It is
slower in pure DOS, but it runs.

2) Free for individual use.

3) Updated as regularly as the for-$ versions (as in constantly).

4) They actually answer email questions (e.g., 'Is this a false
alarm?'), even if you're using the free version. In my
experience, within 24 hours.


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