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Date: 02/14/04

Date: 14 Feb 2004 10:47:23 -0800

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>Here a message from out of the Netherlands,
>I use Opera for some weeks now and I must say: I like it!!
>But...(isnĀ“t there always a but??)...2 weeks ago, my Opera got an
>infection that Norton couldn't fix so Opera wouldn't start anymore. I
>desided it was time to switch from W98SE to XP and install Opera
>by fetching my mail directories from the dammaged Opera. Whatever I
>I couldn't get my mail & contacts back!!!! by copying several folders
>to the new Opera. Searching opera for nice a backup facility only
came up
>with a Export/Import facillity THAT WOULDN"T WORK the way it should
>in the help file.....
>Is there someone outthere who has found/made a nice way to easely
>ALL IMPORTANT setups/mail/contacts from Opera for a "kickstart-Opera"
>after a fresch installation......
>Hans van den Oord

I don't think that was an infection, because I had the same trouble
when I first started using it and had to reinstall. It's possible --
particularly if you manually edit it -- for the configuration file,
opera6.ini to become corrupt, causing the browser to fail to start. I
tried removal, reinstallation, and then replacement of that file to
determine that.

The solution is to get Opera's interface the way you like it and then
make a backup of opera6.ini (I think it is called this even in Version
7). If the browser gets screwy, just replace this file from the backup
while it's not running and everything is hunky-dory. I had to do this
twice after that due to some stuff relating to MS patches and software
development, but I have used Opera 6 for Windows for about a year now
without a problem worth mentioning.

And I've never had appreciable problems with the Unix or Linux
versions, besides the text being a little too small on a Linux box
running X. I think that was only because I changed the screen
resolution in X after installing Opera, and Opera -- or, more likely,
X -- didn't adjust the font sizes in Opera and kept them small.

No big deal.

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