Re: New Microsoft Security scare?

From: Leythos (
Date: 02/12/04

Date: Thu, 12 Feb 2004 17:06:52 GMT

In article <>, sam1967 says...
> I only connect windows 98 boxes to the internet as a rule as I know
> how insecure the other platforms are.
> This person wanted XP and I knew it was a shit product.
> I was SURPRISED to discover just how SHIT it is.
> I maybe should say ex-MCSE since I have not studied any M$ stuff for
> well over a year and would like to forget it even exists.

This would make you a "Paper-MCSE", one that didn't learn anything about
the material, and that has no experience with MS products or networking.

In fact, I would also suggest that on top of being a troll that you are
in some way related to Tracker.

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