help with Nikto results...

From: Spaceman Spiff (
Date: 02/08/04

Date: Sun, 08 Feb 2004 10:34:40 -0500

Hi all,

I've been playing with Nikto and using it against my personal web
server. I get some results that I cannot find any information about in
my searching. Can anyone help give me an idea of what the /?Open line
indicates and help me understand why I'm seeing something for
MyWebServer when this is an apache web server. And one last thing, why
is there a hit for .htaccess/.htpasswd when I have those disabled in the
httpd.conf and there are no such files in any of my directory structure?
  The results of the scan are;

+ Server: Apache/1.3.29 (Unix) mod_perl/1.28 PHP/4.3.4
+ No CGI Directories found (use '-C all' to force check all possible dirs)
+ /robots.txt - contains 19 'disallow' entries which should be manually
viewed (added to mutation file lists) (GET).
+ Apache/1.3.29 appears to be outdated (current is at least
Apache/2.0.47). Apache 1.3.28 is still maintained and considered secure.
+ mod_perl/1.28 appears to be outdated (current is at least 1.99_10)
+ PHP/4.3.4 appears to be outdated (current is at least 4.3.4RC2)
+ /.htaccess - Contains authorization information (GET)
+ /.htpasswd - Contains authorization information (GET)
+ /phpBB2/includes/db.php - Some versions of db.php from phpBB2 allow
remote file inclusions. Verify the current version is running. See for more info (GET)
+ /\"><img%20src=\"javascript:alert(document.domain)\"> - The IBM Web
Traffic Express Caching Proxy is vulnerable to Cross Site Scripting
(XSS). CA-2000-02. (GET)
+ /?Open - This displays a list of all databases on the server. ĘDisable
this capability via server options. (GET)
- MyWebServer 1.0.2 is vulnerable to HTML injection. Upgrade to a later
version. (GET)
+ /phpMyAdmin/ - This might be interesting... (GET)
+ 1987 items checked - 8 item(s) found on remote host(s)