From: Damjan (dj19_at_email.si)
Date: 02/04/04

Date: Wed, 4 Feb 2004 22:06:07 +0100


I did scan on my local ip with nmapNT V. 2.53 SP1 from
But results surprised me! I thing too many ports are open! But interesting
is, that Active Ports program do not show this port to listen on any of
local ips..,,

Here are results of nmapNT:
Interesting ports on localhost (
(The 1504 ports scanned but not shown below are in state: closed)
Port State Service
110/tcp open pop-3
135/tcp open loc-srv
445/tcp open microsoft-ds
1067/tcp open instl_boots
1212/tcp open lupa
1445/tcp open proxima-lm
1446/tcp open ora-lm
3984/tcp open mapper-nodemgr
3985/tcp open mapper-mapethd
3986/tcp open mapper-ws_ethd
4008/tcp open netcheque
4045/tcp open lockd
4144/tcp open wincim
4321/tcp open rwhois
4343/tcp open unicall
4444/tcp open krb524
4500/tcp open sae-urn
4559/tcp open hylafax
4672/tcp open rfa

Can someone help me with some useful tip or info?


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