Re: Spyware/adware and Internet Explorer

From: CalamityKen (YKnot_at_home.invalid)
Date: 02/03/04

Date: Tue, 3 Feb 2004 14:05:54 -0500

lexar wrote:
> John wrote:
>> Is it true that spyware/adware only affects Internet Explorer?
>> I've been told to use another browser (eg. Opera) because when
>> browsing with that, no spyware/adware gets installed on my PC.
>> True or false?
> The possibility of malware exists anytime you download data and
> view it. However, IE is by an order of magnitude (or maybe 2) the
> most susceptible Currently,
> no patch available, this is what the supplier advises :
> the vendor says to TYPE IN URLS, don't click on them, that would be
> Bad(tm). MS has know about this for some time.
> Wanna see for yourself? Go to :

Already been fixed!

> Team this up with this one:
> And downloading anything from (what appears to be) anywhere is unsafe.

There is no protection available for idjut users.

> Monopoly ruleset :
> 1) innovate and price gouge until all competition is gone
> 2) leverage total reliance into less choice for consumer
> If you want IE to become better, use Netscape/Mozilla.
> If you want MS software to be higher quality/lower price, use
> Linux/Mozilla
> Of course, once you do, you most likely won't go back, but the
> poor unfortunates you left behind _may_ enjoy the results of the
> market created.
> Here's a thought on REALLY locking down a machine, run Knoppix,
> It is a 'Live-CD', or a complete Linux system, GUI desktop, office
> suite, mutliple browser, etc that boots from a CD, doesn't touch
> or need a hard drive. You can store your home dir on the HD, if
> you choose to however, or on a USB drive.
> If you want choices, look beyond windows.