Re: Discover ip addres of a msn user?

From: *Vanguard* (no-email_at_bogus.nix)
Date: 02/03/04

Date: Tue, 3 Feb 2004 01:01:39 -0600

"StacyB" said in news:401eb9f2$0$15626$
> I've never used MSN, but perhaps a 'netstat' would show the target IP
> Address. If not, then perhaps a packet sniffer like winpcap.

I doubt that would work. The Messenger clients (MSN, Yahoo, AOL) are going
to connect to their parent server (obviously MSN Messenger connects just to
Microsoft's servers). The other MSN Messenger user does the same. It's not
like a MSN Messenger user is broadcasting their message all over the
Internet hoping to find the intended recipient. The communications go
through the manager server which, in this case, would be a Microsoft server.
All you'll see is your MSN Messenger connecting to a Microsoft host. That
won't tell you the other party that is also connecting to the Microsoft host
used to transfer the communications.

It's been way too long since I bothered using MSN/AOL/Yahoo Messenger. I
don't have the need for instant gratification to prattle and prefer others
expend some mental energy in composing a better written e-mail (but some
folks still write like they speak and haven't a clue that writing and
speaking are two different communicative arts). As I recall, all you tell
about the other party was their handle or moniker; i.e., the username they
specified for their account. Since all usernames have to be unique, I would
think it easy to filter out (i.e., block) any communications from a
particular member, but then that would require that MSN Messenger provides a
blacklist where you could list those users that you want to block.

The instructions at seem to indicate
that you cannot block another user until they establish a conversation
during which you can select to block them. That's stupid. That means you
have to wait around until the joker connects before you can block them.
Supposedly the blocking will add the member name to a list so maybe you can
find a config screen showing the list so you can edit it to put in a
member's name before they next try to connect to you. I doubt that blocking
a particular member also eliminates them from getting status about you going
online with MSN Messenger. Unless you need to tell everyone you know - and
anyone else that has added you to their contact list - when you go online
with MSN Messenger, I'd disable that "feature."

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