Help, im connected to sombodys computer...

From: Lars-Christian RÝsberg (
Date: 02/02/04

Date: Mon, 2 Feb 2004 09:26:17 +0100

(I've changed the names in the text for naturaly reasons...)

There has been added a new network connection under in My Network Places
(Windows XP pro.), in the Web client network, the connection is www
.apersonsusername.companyname .no

And with this connectin I can freely brows this persons private files on his
I also have the posibility to look under: www .companyname .no and browse
through all the usernames ( but only one of them, as described over are
fully 'open')

Its an large organization, with many user accounts...

I've never tried to hack sombodys computer, and I'm running ZoneAlarm and
Norton AV (always updated), so...

...whats happening??

I realy want to know before I'm calling the network administrator in this