Re: Real-Time Network monitoring

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Date: 01/30/04

Date: 30 Jan 2004 20:57:24 GMT

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>> Hi!
>> I'm wondering, if somewhere exist some tool, that can monitor tcp/ip
>> over all network one ane computer? I use switch and have 5 computers
>> in
> network.
>> Can I monitor traffic during them on my box?
> Ethereal is a good Freeware sniffer, but they'll all have problems
> with a switch (this directs traffic directly between [generally] two
> ports and prevents the traffic from being monitored).
> A hub will work just fine, if you don't have the sort of high-end
> switch that directly supports sniffing.

Windows NT server has a network monitor application included that will
monitor and filter any packet on the local machine.

The driver must be installed.

Windows SMS includes a "promiscuous mode" driver that will sniff packets on
the entire LAN.

-- ipgrunt