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From: Rowdy Yates (
Date: 01/28/04

Date: Wed, 28 Jan 2004 03:42:18 GMT

DNS just translates ip --> hostname and vice verse. does not do anything
else. what can happen is dsn poisoning.

for example. your web site is and your ip is
someone can copy your entire web site on another server, give it ip
321.321.321.321 and put a fake entry in the DSN to send people going to from your server the the fake server. then any password, user
name e.t.c.. people type will be captured by the malicious party on their

"R Green -" <[news]> wrote in

> Recently, my ISP is having DNS caching problems and I had to point
> my router to another DNS server (instead of using my ISP's).. my
> question is this as I'm not familiar with DNS server configurations:
> Can info be extracted from that DNS server that I am pointing to
> temporarily (ie. passwords, http queries, pop accounts, etc?) by
> someone in control of that DNS server?

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