Re: Avast AV vs AVG (Free Editions)

From: Bill (
Date: 01/23/04

Date: Fri, 23 Jan 2004 17:27:42 GMT

NoneOfBusiness wrote:

> On 22 Jan 2004 04:44:38 GMT, donutbandit <> wrote:
>>NoneOfBusiness <> wrote in
>>> I have switched to using Avast! Free Edition on one of my pc's to
>>> evaluate it, but i was just curious what other users think compared to
>>> AVG. Is it a better product, worse, why? User opinions needed. So far
>>> i kind of like it. The interface is not as intuitive as AVG's buts its
>>> no worse than some i have seen from Norton or McAfee.
>>> Is the detection and cleaning of virii/trojans good? AVG wasn't
>>> always great with this.
>>> TIA
>>How do you tell? You have to get a virus before you know whether the AV
>>program works. I doubt if any of the regulars in this NG ever gets a
>>Virus avoidance is 99% about prevention to begin with. If you practice
>>safe browsing habits, your AV program is merely a safety net.
>>I use AVG, and the only time I ever saw it go off was when I inserted a
>>very old floppy disk to see if it was any good. AVG immediately reported a
>>boot sector virus on the disk. I suspected it was a false alarm, but
>>I destroyed the disk anyway.
> I ALWAYS practice safe computing. I know from testing and
> troubleshooting others who had AVG how it was. I like AVG, but i don't
> place as much trust in it as i do the Symantec Corporate AV. From
> what i saw of Avast, I like it as well but i don't have a true feel
> for the product yet.

I've been trying out AntiVir, another free package. I like the way it
works, ie the interface is simple, and you don't have to register. I don't
know how good it is at catching viruses though, since I've not had one!