Re: computer crashed

From: NWPS Artwork (
Date: 01/19/04

Date: Mon, 19 Jan 2004 11:12:58 -0800

"Snowsquall" <> wrote in message
> Last week I was on IRC and found out I had an older version with a
> security hole. Someone on IRC said someone could plant a trojan and
> trash the computer. I haven't been on IRC since. But when the
> computer crashed, my mind started racing. Suppose a trojan was
> planted and was set to go off a week later..... Oh I worry too much.
> This is what happened:
> Our main computer froze and then it would not come back on.
> Here's the sequence of events:
> First the computer froze just after visiting newspaper archives.
> Then the "on off"(front)switch would not turn it off.
> So we shut it off at the back. (Like shutting off the power cord)
> But the "on off" switch did turn the computer on.
> Now the computer is on.
> The fan works. It is cool (no heating up)
> The monitor has a green light and a message on the screen.
> The message says "monitor is working"
> "please check the video cable and
> computer"
> OK so nothing wrong with the monitor.
> The light is green so the connection to the video card must be OK.
> So the front switch does not turn it off but will turn it on.
> I seem to hear the harddrive doing something but no evidence on the
> screen. I know this is not really a virus issue but I would like some
> feedback if possible anyway.

I had the exact same thing happen with a gateway, so I replaced the CPU
thinking (hoping) that would solve my problem but it didn't, so I took my
motherboard in for troubleshooting and found out that the via chipset had
received a surge. Sorry but it sounds like you may (hopefully not) have the
same problem.