Re: Trojan Horse is More Damaging then a Virus

From: Hairy One Kenobi (abuse_at_[
Date: 01/13/04

Date: Tue, 13 Jan 2004 10:23:41 -0000

"Tracker" <"snailmail(valid)222000"> wrote in message
> joe wrote:
> > Hey, 'Tracker'...what exactly do you 'track', anyway.....seems like you
track in stuff as much as bring anything to the
> > makes for fun reading though....maybe you're a tease, is
that it?
> Our tracking skills deal with malicious hacker activity which is opening
exposed on innocent victims computers. Victims
> which include Microsoft, Big Corporations, schools, churches, and so on.
The list is way too long to post here but we talk
> to the victims and help them secure their computers.

    You really ought to be more careful what you post - I almost hit my head
when I fell off the seat laughing.

Now.. let's have specific details about that MS advice.