Re: Trojan Horse is More Damaging then a Virus

From: valid (
Date: 01/11/04

Date: Sun, 11 Jan 2004 12:41:10 -0800

donutbandit wrote:

> "Mimic" <> wrote in
> > Downloading stuff off P2P apps gives you a higher risk of HOSTING a
> > trojan. Disabling services and
> > installing firewalls wont protect you from HOSTING them
> There really wasn't anything basically wrong with what Tracker said. She
> merely said that a person may have picked up a Trojan before shutting down
> services and installing a firewall, and think they are now secure when they
> aren't.
> It's elementary school security stuff, grade level 2, but still a large
> percentage of the computer using world wouldn't even know about it or
> understand it.
> The web page was simplistic as well, but would be of use to a complete know
> nothing newbie.
> Downloading stuff off P2P is admittedly risky unless you download MP3 only.
> There seems to be no possible way to transmit malware inside an MP3. If
> there was, somebody would surely have found it by now.
> Once again, I'm amazed at the level of spite and villitude that a simple
> post by this person can generate. True, it's kind of like a kindergarten
> student trying to give a lecture to 12th grade, but put it in perspective
> and the level of response is way too high.

If anyone with some logic would take the time to read the piece of the pie
which is posted here you might learn a thing or two.

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