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Date: 01/06/04

Date: Mon, 5 Jan 2004 22:40:39 -0800

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On Tue, 06 Jan 2004 02:49:23 GMT,
 Leythos <> wrote:
> In article <>, "@micro$"
><""billyboi\"@micro$"> says...
>> I'm setting up a medical center
>> >>> on a MS platform - 56 workstations and 8 servers with multiple
>> >>> hardware firewalls and remote access for the doctors. The imaging
>> >>> system is a Sun, but all viewing is done on a Win box
>> And where is this, so I'll never go there? Windows? Medical? Lord, help
>> us! "Sorry Mr. So-And-So, your son is now dead because the Windoze box
>> handling his medical care suddenly said: 'Explorer has preformed an
>> illegal operation at FC65:76BA- Windows will now close.' and decided to
>> shut down! So sorry! Opps!"
>> Lol, the only people that prefer Windows over Linux are those that
>> aren't smart enough to use Linux and so are stuck with MS-Crap. Plain
>> and simple.
> Interesting response - so, I can assume that you've never used a Windows
> box since you don't really know anything about Windows other than the
> over-blown hype spread by the uninformed.
> I've not seen an exception error in more than a year, and only because
> of bad hardware the year before that.

Funny, Bill Gates himself said that 5% of MS-Windows machines crash
three or more times a day...

That's *gotta* sting.

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