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Date: 01/06/04

Date: Tue, 06 Jan 2004 04:14:00 GMT

Leythos <> wrote in

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> says...
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>> > says...
>> >> - Linux offers unprecedented options, choices and flexibility that
>> >> a Microsoft environment does not.
>> >
>> > I can't think of one thing that the Nix world offers users that
>> > isn't already offered by the MS world, and I come from the Unix
>> > world.
>> >
>> > What are these unprecedented options?
>> >
>> okay, strip away the GUI from the DC? you don't need it?
>> theoretically, no one should be logging onto it locally after setup.
>> even microsoft are pushing their fancy remote admin features they
>> built into the OS, so why the hell do I need the GUI consuming
>> resources on the DC?
> This has absolutely nothing to do with the question or the statement -
> nice try at redirection.
> And you didn't answer the question, why?

i don't see how it becomes a "re-direction" on my part when we turn the
topic of the thread towards something a microsoft server OS does not
allow you to do, but would make complete sense for it to allow you to do?
you asked for options. i gave you one.

Rowdy Yates
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I am Against-TCPA

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