Re: NSA Crypto Key!

From: joe (
Date: 01/03/04

Date: Sat, 03 Jan 2004 08:56:32 -0500

This is just another lame plot by the McLean crowd to discredit the fine,
fine work being carried out by the denizens of cybersecurity, by those who
would label them as the 'basta*ds across the river'....They are just jealous
ex-ivy leaguers who never did their own homework.

Geeks rule. ...get used to it......

>From the basement of THE science building.....

MG wrote:

> Look at this, the only way you can have a cryptographic key for this
> device is to have it issued by the NSA !! believe that shit.....they are
> creeping and creeping closer and closer into our lives!!