Re: Why is Win Explorer accessing the Net?

From: Black Baptist (
Date: 01/02/04

Date: Fri, 02 Jan 2004 19:59:37 GMT

Lassi Hippeläinen rambled on in microsoft.public.windowsxp.general:

> Vance Roos wrote:
>> I run Win XP Pro and I recently got a message from my Sygate Pro 5.0
>> firewall which said:
>> ==== START QUOTE ====
>> "Windows Explorer is trying to broadcast an ICMP Type 10 (Router
>> Solicitation) packet to []. Do you want to allow this
>> program access to the network?"
>> ==== END QUOTE ====
>> When I look it up it seems that is for something called
>> "Local Network Control Block" (See
>> My QUESTION to the newsgroup is should I allow Windows Explorer access
>> to the Net in order for it to go to that IP address?
> That seems to be an attempt to discover a router in your LAN. Since your
> internal LAN traffic has no business in the Internet, I'd order the FW
> to silently discard those packets, no matter what application is sending
> them.
> -- Lassi

If he did that then running a url from the start menu won't work.