Re: anyone trying to get the CompTIA security Plus Certification that would like to share info with me.

From: Rowdy Yates (
Date: 12/24/03

Date: Wed, 24 Dec 2003 05:02:43 GMT

I was happily strolling along my merry little way in,
when I looked down and saw a little note from todhunter5 on Tue 23 Dec 2003
04:46:38p who wrote:

> If so please contact me. I was about 80 points short of passing on the
> first attempt on a 0-900 scale, and willing to share my experience with
> others who are willing to share theirs.

sorry to hear about that. i agree, the sec+ exam is an odd duck. i remember
that many of the multi choice questions had at least two answers (some even
3!) out of 4 that actually made perfect sense.

i think one does need a half decent study book to pass it. i used snygress as
well as que exam prep book. i wouldn't reccomend trying to wing it based on
on the job experience. wishing you better luck next time.


p.s. the gradeing is 100-900 i believe. something similar to US SAT

Rowdy Yates
MCSE, Security+
I am Against-TCPA