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From: Rowdy Yates (
Date: 12/23/03

Date: Tue, 23 Dec 2003 17:50:56 GMT

I was happily strolling along my merry little way in, when I looked down and saw a little note from Rowdy
Yates on Mon 22 Dec 2003 10:17:07p who wrote:

> I was happily strolling along my merry little way in
>, when I looked down and saw a little note from
> Peter James on Fri 19 Dec 2003 03:23:17p who wrote:
>> Some of the postings I read on this NG curdle my blood. What with
>> Virii, Trojans, Security lapses etc, etc.
>> So how secure is a good Linux distribution compared with Windows XP
>> that I am using now.
>> I do have a second HD running Suse, but it is very difficult to come
>> to terms with. MS on the other hand is a comparative doddle, but
>> secure....?
>> I am not trolling in order to start a flame war, just a concerned user
>> who is worried at some to the threats that are out there and waiting.
> NOTHING IS SECURE OUT OF THE BOX. Patch it. Lock it down. Apply ACL, DAC
> properly. This will help it be more secure.
> SUSE is a lovely OS! Just connect it to the internet and do the
> automatic updates just like you would on your MS XP box.
> With MS XP, disable remote desktop, terminal services, IIS, FTP. unless
> you are using them of course. Make patching your MS box a higher
> priority naturally. Run updated anti virus with real time & email
> scanning as well.

here's a link that you might like.

Is Linux Really More Secure Than Windows?
October 1, 2003
By Sharon Gaudin


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