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From: zenner (
Date: 12/19/03

Date: Fri, 19 Dec 2003 02:27:55 GMT

Contract is better if there is no in house expertise. They need a set it and
forget type environment, contract out with SLA agreement to fit what they
can afford.

"Beachcomber" <> wrote in message
> A small law office startup partnership I am working with is in need of
> an e-mail system for a staff of 5-6 persons. I'm wondering if it
> would be best to install an on site dedicated mail server, or contract
> with an offsite 3rd party to provide e-mail. They have a dedicated
> static IP broadband connection, Linksys 24 port router/hub, VPN
> capabilities, but no full time IT person to deal with updates, spam,
> security, and virus disinfection issues. This work is contracted out
> to part-time consultants.
> Here is the list of features the principal partners would like to
> see...
> 1. User administration of the entire e-mail domain account with a
> master admin login and password so that employees can have e-mail
> monitored, and accounts created, deleted, etc. without the delay of
> calling a consultant or outside 3rd party to do this work.
> 2. In spite of Microsoft security and periodic virus problems, they
> like Outlook and the ability to VPN from home to office and have the
> Outlook interface come up (with Calender, Contacts, and all that other
> good stuff). They also would like to use Webmail e-mail as a backup
> method in case they are operating from a PC without VPN for some
> reason.
> 3. Secured e-mail, preserving the confidentiality of attachments and
> the text of messages to a zone within the firewall on the premises
> would highly desirable, but not necessarily the deciding factor.
> The basic questions are:
> Should this company contract with a third party to setup a Microsoft
> Exchange server (off premises and outside the office firewall) to do
> this work? Anyone have an estimate as to the cost, licensing
> requirements of this option, etc? Is this even possible?
> Or...
> Should they install an on-site, inside the router e-mail server
> solution? Who would be the best person to do the updates, and restore
> crashes, cleanout the inevitable viruses, etc? How much daily/weekly
> maintainance does an e-mail server require? Do they need to hire a
> full time person for this?
> Which would be the most cost-effective and reliable solution?
> Any assistance or advice would be most appreciated...
> Beachcomber

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