Re: End of all Open Source.

From: Barry Margolin (
Date: 12/05/03

Date: Fri, 05 Dec 2003 22:08:26 GMT

In article <bqe2jk$4uh$>, (Bill Unruh) wrote:

> Olathe <Olathe@DALnet.irc> writes:
> ]Bill Unruh wrote:
> ]> Sorry, but your pleading can be used for any speech. "We are not
> ]> restricting your right to disagree with our president. You can say all
> ]> you want about him. You will just be shot on the spot for spreading lies
> and
> ]> defaming him." Under your arguments all countries in the world uphold
> ]> free speech.
> ]I realize that. Constitutions don't work at limiting governments (note
> ]all the people who say that the US would be much better to live in if
> ]the government actually followed the Constitution). Neither does
> ]thinking about things in a certain way.
> ?? That is the ONLY thing consitutions do. They are limitations placed
> on the government ( and just the federal govenment in the case of the
> US constitution).

First of all, only a small part of the US Constitution, mostly the Bill
of Rights, tries to limit the government's abilities. Most of the
Constitution defines the structure of the government and the republic,
and defines some basic processes.

Second, the operative words in Olathe's statement are "don't work".
Although the Bill of Rights attempts to be very restrictive, it doesn't
always work. For instance, there are probably many NRA members who
think that the 2nd Amendment has been trampled.

Barry Margolin,
Woburn, MA

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