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Date: 12/02/03

Date: Tue, 2 Dec 2003 20:27:56 -0000

"John Settle" <> wrote in message
> I inadvertantly placed a cd-r in my Pioneer audio cd writer ( to be
> to) and the unit failed to accept it as a writeable medium. Fair enough,
> licence duty paid - no recording - a fact of life. This however got me
> thinking - some things do - where is the coding on the audio cd's ?. Out
> interest I even tried to record a blank audio cd on my computer to a cd-r
> and see if the coding would be transferred, alas not. So how is the coding
> placed on the audio cd's which allows an audio cd writer to discriminate
> differrence between cd's but does not allow a computer reader/writer to
> detect the coding. This is NOT an attempt to duplicate the more expensive
> audio cd's onto standard cd-r's but the old grey cells are colliding at a
> rate of knots trying to work it out. Has anyone any idea ?. Seems clever
> stuff to me - but then again, so is the horseless carriage.
> Thanks in advance, answers in monosyllables would be appreciated, I've
> just mastered the vcr and now we have dvd !.
> Regards
> John

i prolly completely misread that, but

CD-R's have a lower relection than Audio specific CD-Rs, thats why some
CD-Rs with audio on wont play in a stereo, cuz the laser isnt "powerful"
enough to read the weaker reflections.

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