NAV 2004 help?

From: CB (
Date: 11/27/03

Date: Thu, 27 Nov 2003 14:49:17 GMT

My mother installed NAV 2004 on her pc over her 2001 & 2003 (?) versions.
She says that now NAV won't work. I haven't had any luck on the Symantec
website, and am hoping someone here may have an answer
 Here is what she e-mailed me:
After clicking on the Norton antivirus window, I find the e-mail listing
with a red circle with white X ---clicked next ---In live update window,
there are four items with red circle & white X, 1 Symantec Intrusion
detection signatures, 2 Norton Internet Security security updates, 3 Norton
Internet Security Program Updates, the forth item has check mark, Common
Client Core. The window shows one update of 557.8KB. In box under size has
the statement "This product preverted Live Update from updating it. Check
your subscription status for this product".
When I click Next to download the updates the Common Client Core item
appears for updating. After what seems to be normal update procedure a
window appears "LU1844 This product preverts Live Update from updating it.
Check your subscription Status for this product".
I clicked finish and got window to restart the PC --pressed OK and PC

Back to the Norton AntiVirus main window-- under Security Scanning
Features. Auto Protection says "Off". I clicked on the enable sign ( lower
right corner) and received the message " Norton Antivirus has encountered an
internal program error". In bottom left corner of box is number 4002,519.

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