Re: First post here .. blasted mad as hell
Date: 11/21/03

Date: 21 Nov 2003 08:11:44 -0800

"johns" <> wrote in message news:<bpgkac$f1r$>...
> trying to locate a tool that will trace the
> EXACT source of email.

Tracing the source assumes that the path is littered in clues.
Because of the very accepting nature of the email system, the clue
trail can stop halfway back without ever indicating the location of
the source. I don't know about you, I've only worked in this business
for 25 years, but I don't know of a tool to pick up a non-existent

Bottom line, email can be spoofed using the current system with its
current configuration. Until the configuration is changed and
auditing or logging is implemented, spoof emails will continue.

You can, however, go after the last traceable host and air your
concerns with them. They are, after all, supporting the spammer by
hiding (or helping to hide) his or her location or identity, they are
not without some responsibility.