Re: TCP port attacks

From: Robin T Cox (
Date: 11/14/03

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    Date: Fri, 14 Nov 2003 10:18:37 GMT
 (Mike Franklin) wrote in

    >> I think the suggestion in the link I quoted is that the Kerio setting
    >> itself simply generates a lot of false positives, and so nobody is
    >> actually scanning you.
    > My profound apologies - I missed the link altogether in your post
    > (doh) and have now had a look at it and it does seem very interesting.
    > I have now applied most of the ideas discussed in that thread and it
    > now looks more like the traffic on my connection is primarily echo
    > requests from my own isp :(
    > Mike

    No problem - I must confess that when I first came across this it seemed
    very odd!


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