Re: xp security

From: Ernest T. Bass (removemejoutlan_at_adelphiakickthistothecurb.not)
Date: 11/05/03

Date: Wed, 05 Nov 2003 19:45:16 GMT

"Pete-X" <pete@home.not> wrote in message
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> "Leythos" <> wrote in message
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> > removemejoutlan@adelphiakickthistothecurb.not says...
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> > > Interesting, right now I have this set up:
> > >
> > > Linux PC----
> > > ----Router ----Cable Modem ---Internet
> > > XPPRo PC--
> > >
> > > Would I gain anything by using that linux box as a gateway PC and
> > > adding another NIC to it? I have an F-secure firewall running on the
> > > XP box, nothing on the Linux box as it is only used for web surfing by
> > > my son, and no valuable data on it at all...
> >
> > You would gain nothing but a larger electric bill.
> >
> > Your router is far more secure a device than a gateway PC that is setup
> > by a home user or non-security professional. In fact, your router is
> > almost idiot proof (forgive the wording, nothing intended there).
> No worries. Very true. I was just too curious to see what I could do with
> my setup here. A router is by far the safest (and cheapest) option, than
> running a PC as it's equivalent. I totally agree with your last
> However, home user doesn't always mean they've just fallen off the silly
> tree, which wasn't what you were saying I know.
> If my set up fails, then everybody here's going to hear about it.
> Unfortunately ... :)
> Regards,
> Pete.

Thanks Pete and all, I guess I'll leave well enough alone. I'm no Linux
expert by any means, everything I do in Linux I have to RTFM step by step.
I put RH 8.0 on an old Compaq Athlon 500 several months ago because I got
tired of cleaning viruses off that machine when it had XP on it....the AVG
free that was running on it did virtually nothing to prevent this, and with
a 10 year old using it to get cheat codes for his XBox, it was eaten up with
Viruses =) No problems since Linux was installed, but now he's getting me
off my XP (work) box sometimes to play his favorite RPG of the day, so I
might put XPPro bacl on that Athlon and install F-secure....maybe...


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