Re: sniffer black box

From: Nico Kadel-Garcia (
Date: 10/31/03

Date: Thu, 30 Oct 2003 20:31:53 -0500

"Nosnos" <> wrote in message
> hi,
> I must make a black box that will sniff and log all the traffic that are
> income and outcome from the net.
> His main function will be to supervise all the user of the lan, and warn a
> root if someone is using the comany's network for unappropriate using ....
> It must particularly filters http (the url and the date of the connexion)
> ftp, irc, pop, stmp ......
> I must put all informations in a database.
> Do you know a good sniffer (maybe another method ?.) that can check the
> in order to give me some precise informations about the traffic ?
> Which OS must I installed for better performance ?
> thx

Sounds like you need to talk to "SandStorm" in Cambridge. They make a box to
do precisely this, capable of tracking of tracking and re-assembling every
connection of a fully loaded 100 MHz feed.

The other question is why you want to do this, and what you will do with the
data, which are very serious policy issues your company should discuss with
its lawyers before proceeding.