Re: Why would my keyboard "phone home"?

From: Filip van Laenen (
Date: 10/10/03

Date: Fri, 10 Oct 2003 09:13:51 +0200

"Bumblebee" <chris_bee@address.invalid> wrote in message
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> On Thu, 09 Oct 2003 23:28:04 GMT,"Bill" posted ...
> >My new Microsoft Wireless Keyboard tried to contact the internet today.
> >
> >Why would it want to do that?
> I have a Microsoft Keyboard and a Microsoft Mouse and they both try to
> access the internet. I think they are trying to Register with MS or it
> could be that they are wanting to check for new versions of software.
> I don't worry about it, ZAP blocks them and that is the end of it.
> --
> Chris Bee

My keyboard (from another manufacturer) does exactly the same. The problem
now is that every single minute, that stupid keyboard tries to phone home,
and of course ZA blocks it. It has been doing so for a year, and if say my
computer is on about five hours each day, it has tried more than 100,000
times now. (If I would have left the computer on the whole day, it would
have been more than 500,000 times by now.) Why can't they just put in a
dialog, ask me whether I want to register, and if I answer źno╗ leave it at