Re: how to delete files.mct
Date: 10/09/03

Date: 9 Oct 2003 12:42:26 -0700

"MEA" <> wrote in message news:<3f84cca5$0$20650$>...
> Im trying to delete the files.mct which is in my root drive, i dont know
> which process created it, but whenever i delete it , it is automatically
> recreated. i open it with debug it is 14 bytes long containing the string
> C:\files.mct
> is a virus worm , or just how can i delete it ?

I didn't see anything on Google about this file. There are references
to the extention mct, which is listed as musicator.

Depending on your OS version, you might be able to look at the file
properties to determine the owner, which might indicate the source
program. Otherwise, you may be able to locate a program that will
tell you what program is opening that file. One reference I found on
Google is for nthandle.