Re: Computer dials out without me!

From: Chuck (
Date: 10/03/03

Date: 3 Oct 2003 13:15:13 -0500

On Fri, 3 Oct 2003 16:02:25 +0930, "Kted" <> wrote:

>My computer attempts to get online without me! firtunately I do not check
>the 'remember my password' box so a connection is not made.
>I need to know which program is responsible so that I can uninstall it. Can
>anyone advise how I can find out what program is responsible?

To identify the culprit, you need a port monitor like ActivePorts ( ), TCPView ( ), or Port Explorer ( ). And possibly an improved
Task Manager, like Process Explorer ( ).

To prevent the modem hijack from reoccurring, you need to keep your
system up to date. And the best long term solution is Get Rid Of Your
Internal Modem. Get a NAT router, like the SMC 7004ABR (
), and a good quality external modem. Or a Netgear FR328S ( ),
and a good quality external modem. No more website kiddie exploits
like modem hijacks.

The router / modem combo is expensive, but very beneficial.
- It's a good part of a layered protection strategy;
- It takes a load off your computer (handles a lot of background
internet noise that right now is hitting your internal adapter);
- It takes a load off your software firewall, reduces alerts that you
don't need to see;
- Blocks the modem hijack;
- Blocks miscellaneous crap like messenger service spam.
- Protects the rest of the internet from crap like Blaster / Slammer
/ TheNextCrapExploit that might infect you and waste everybody's
bandwidth afterwards.

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