Re: Linux is as buggy as Windows

From: Just-Dave (dave_at_an.address.with.his.isp)
Date: 09/26/03

Date: Fri, 26 Sep 2003 20:16:16 GMT

FromTheRafters wrote:

> I remember arguments about BASIC generating too much
> "spaghetti code" and the "structured languages" being better
> options for that reason. While that was true to a point, the
> BASIC programming language required the programmer to
> have clue in order to produce efficient compiled code. The
> "structured" languages allowed programmers with less clue
> to program, and more less clueful programmers to hold jobs.
> We've traded spaghetti for swiss cheese because less clueful
> programmers have jobs where there is little or no quality
> control. Open source projects yield better code because
> there is an ongoing QC and programmers who program
> for the love of programming.

with this I definitely agree...

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