Re: [SWEN tiny FAQ] How to filter Swen mails with M$OE 6

From: Bill (
Date: 09/25/03

Date: Thu, 25 Sep 2003 12:59:57 GMT

On Thu, 25 Sep 2003 14:40:16 +0200, "Thore Schmechtig"
<> wrote:

>Every email that arrives in your inbox and does NOT have your valid
>email address in the To- or CC-field is almost guaranteed to be a
>Swen-mail (exceptions see below).

I pointed that out a couple of days ago and someone ( I don't remember
who) indicated that it doesn'twork, which is nonsense as it has
eliminated 100% of Swen from my mailbox. However, I am filtering at
the server level which means I don't have to download them to keep
them from filling up my message queue. Yes, it does work and it
doesn't delete legitimate mail from individuals. Incidently, whe
dropping my filter for a few hours to test I have noticed a sizable
decrease in Swen mail. Only 75 in an 8 hour period.