[SWEN tiny FAQ] How to filter Swen mails with M$OE 6

From: Thore Schmechtig (WRITETOcommoner_at_carcosa.de)
Date: 09/25/03

Date: Thu, 25 Sep 2003 14:40:16 +0200


since Swen.A first appeared in the wild around September 18th 2003,
many people have asked how to filter the emails Swen wildly sends to
just about everyone who ever posted in any newsgroup. It's a bit
tricky, at first glance it seems impossible, but it can be done.

Here's how.

Swen emails unfortunately differ in From-, To- and Subject-field, but
you will always find your own valid email-address in the
Envelope-to-field of the email's header. OE unfortunately is unable to
filter emails by the Envelope-to-content, but this doesn't matter. If
you read the above carefully you see that:

Every email that arrives in your inbox and does NOT have your valid
email address in the To- or CC-field is almost guaranteed to be a
Swen-mail (exceptions see below).

To filter them out, do the following (tested with OE 6, earlier
versions may need a slightly different process):

*** BEGIN ***

(Thanks to Phil who helped me with using the correct English names as I
use the German version of OE - the following is a quote from his email)

Open the email rules: Tools\Message Rules\Mail

Create a new rule.

In the first window (Select the conditions for your rule) select the
-Where the To line contains people
-Where the CC line contains people

In the second window (Select the Actions for your rule) select the
-Delete it from server

In the third window (Rule Description...)
-Click on "contains people" and enter your email address, then click on
-Your email has now been added, select the email address and click on
-Select the second radio button "Message does not contain the people
then "OK" to close.

(end quote from Phil)

*** END ***

Presto - you're done! OE will still have to download the _header_ data,
but not the message body with its 150K worm executable. Ergo you have
much less problems.


Mailing lists - at least all lists I know - use a very similar
procedure to send their contents to you, inserting your valid address
in the Envelope-to-field and the basic email address of the list in the
To-field, along with usually adding a list-typical string to the
subject. Obviously this will create false positives with the
above-mentioned email rule that would delete the list messages along
with Swen.
Therefore, if you participate in mailing lists, I suggest you do the

*** BEGIN ***

If you haven't done so until now, create an extra folder for each of
your lists.

Create one email rule for each of your lists with the following:

Subject contains the list-typical string, To-field contains the basic
list email address
Actions to take: Move to the folder created for that list, do not
process any more rules for that mail.

Move all these rules to somewhere ABOVE the rule that deletes
Swen-mails from the server.

(For the details on doing all this, see the description of the
Swen-filtering rule above)

*** END ***

That way, your mailing list messages will be moved to their own folders
while the pesky Swen mails will die while still on your provider's

Hope to have helped...

Tocis (commoner AT carcosa DOT de)
To reply, include HI-AK 523 in the subject or else your mail will be

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