Re: Mozilla Browser 1.5b - secure ?

From: Graeme (_at_)
Date: 09/19/03

Date: Fri, 19 Sep 2003 12:14:17 +1000

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>> Cookies "Session Only" -- in IE6 go to Tools/Internet Options
>> /Privacy/Advanced---
>> Check Override Automatic cookie Handling -- Block First Party and
>> Third Party Cookies whichever you prefer or both then Tick "Always
>> Allow Session Cookies".
>> I think this will give you the same result .
>> You can block all images on I E with the "Toggle Images"part of the
>> Web Accessories download installed .
>> I agree if Pop Ups annoy you IE cannot handle that but is that a
>> security measure ?
> I personally don't care if IE can do everything that Mozilla Firebird
> can - it's Microsoft and has been proven vulnerable time after time.
> I don't use it.

Cannot argue with that reasoning, we all have our personal preferences. I
was just pointing out that IE was capable of some of the the functions
mentioned once you become familiar with the Settings .